About Quite Fresh

Quite Fresh is a tiny London-based game studio that was founded in 2015 by Stefan Åhlin. The first title was Ultimate Briefcase, a quirky mobile arcade game about an average day turned into a bomb inferno, and the follow-up to the old 2009 flash game Super Briefcase. Ultimate Briefcase was published by Nitrome, well-known for high quality pixel art games on the app stores.

Currently the company is working on Void Tyrant, a deep card-based rougelike set in a fantastical galaxy where space travel is possible thanks to faith and magic. Void Tyrant is published by Armor Games.

About Stefan

After some years of freelancing as a pixel artist in the pre-smartphone mobile game market, and then spending several years in London game studios Nitrome and King, Stefan wanted to try working with the freedom of self-employment, and with the freedom to collaborate with other developers and publishers.

Check out Stefan's Project List for a full overview of game projects.

Old Games and Jam Games

There are some old flash games released under Torpedolab here, as well as more recent game jam projects.