Jam Games & Old Games

  • Jam Games

    Roboduck Football 2030 (HTML5, 2014) is a turn-based future football simulator made in a short amount of time as an entry for Scirra's "The Future: 2030" Game Jam. Play against a friend or the CPU and try to get the ball in the opponent's goal.

    Pseudo Lancer (HTML5, 2014) is a physics based jousting arcade game made over a weekend for the "Indies vs Pewdiepie" game jam. Use three different weapons to get as far as possible.
  • Browser Games

    I released two browser games many years ago. They're old and dusty, but I still like to keep them available here.

    Guardian Rock (Flash, 2009) is a hard action puzzle game, in which you have to protect your temple from intruding archaeologists. Use brute force or take use of ancient devices spread across the temple to achieve your goals and solve all 48 puzzles.

    Super Briefcase (Flash, 2009) is an arcade "avoider" game. On your way home from work, millions of bombers suddenly appear in the sky, and there's no shelter in sight. Collect well-needed powerups, go for high score and save the super briefcase power to the most critical moments.